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Wayaca Mini-Resort
Kaya Tibourin 5
Jan Thiel (Noord)
Cellular: 05999 560 6011

Wayaca - Holiday Appartments

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The Wayaca Resort, build in 2013, is a very nice resort at a unique location at the isle of Curacao. There are 8 luxe self – catering and fully furnished appartements. All the appartments have a living room with big screen tv, an open kitchen, with equipment. One or two big bed rooms, bathroom with shower and a porch. In the evening you can sit quitly and enjoy the wether and the beautifull surroundings.

Other facilities

  • The Resort has a very nice pool with jacuzzi and around sunbeds.
  • We also have a palapa and library.
  • There are a lot of brochures to advise you for trips.
  • Our staff will assist you with any questions you may have.
  • Car Rental? Ask our Staff
Gebouw A in de avond

Gebouw A in de avond

Pontjes Brug
  • Own parking
  • Nature Park Jan Thiel
  • Nearby Willemstad
  • Library present

Last Change: 28 jan 2018