Information Wayaca mini Resort

The name comes from a tree, this was already on site. With great difficulty we did save him. On the pictures you can see him before the building with one bedroom apartments. Wayaca Mini Resort is built in 2014 and consists of 4 apartments with two bedrooms, four one-bedroom apartments and a studio.

All appartments are self-catering and all objects have a fully equipped kitchen and a porch.

There is a beautiful swimming pool, with jacuzzi and an enclosed car park.

The team of Wayaca is all living in Curacao and you ask us any question about the island, trips-nightlife, beaches, bays and there are several directories in the palapa.

Activities and more

The island has several points of interest, all of which are highly worthwhile. With the risk not be comprehensive here's a small list.

  • Kura Hollanda Museum | Here you can see local art, history and part is dedicated to the slave trade!
  • Boca Table | A nature reserve that you decide to go visit.
  • The "Christoffel berg" | a natural area with hiking and especially in the early morning (heat)
  • Handelskade with the pontoon bridge.

In our palapa we have a number of brochures and flyers of tourist spots. We also know several diving schools.


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